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Gotts Surname Family History


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Howard F Gotts: WW2 Bomber pilot shot down over Romania 1/3/2019

Charles Harris Gotts, Champion Weightlifter #40 28/5/2019

Howard F Gotts who died in WW2 is going back home! 24/8/2019

Howard F Gotts is part of tree #040 7/10/2019

More links from East Ruston in Norfolk to Lake Ontario in USA - Samuel 155 & Martha Preston 7/1/2020

Flight path of Rex Alfred 1248 #40 now added 3/3/2020

Howard F Gotts and 'Operation Tidal Wave' Raid on Ploesti 8/5/2020

James A 373 Gotts sunk on HMS Electra in WW2 - tree #040 8/5/2020

Robert George 217 Gotts: another WW2 casualty #040 8/5/2020

Thomas Gotts, the SS Sumpter and a family story - #040 30/6/2020

More details about Howard F 4599 Gotts and the Ploesti raid 23/7/2020

Charles Harris Gotts / 8/2020

The Rows in Gt Yarmouth 14-9-2020

Rex Alfred Gotts on Air Forces Memorial 2-10-2020

Charles Harris Gotts: his weightlifting record 22-10-2020

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