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Gotts Surname Family History


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George 134 and Ann Waterson continued

Samuel 168 (1844-?) Samuel is at Ridgeway in 1855 but by the time of the 1892 press report covering his brother’s suicide he is said to be of Whitehall, Michigan. Samuel married Emily 2126 (Gotts?) and they had Edith 2127 b 1865 and Fred A 2128 b 1879 both born in Michigan

Thomas 148 (1846-1917) Thomas married Harriet 1109 Rands (1853-1934), daughter of a Sea Palling fisherman, in 1871. By trade he was a quarryman and mason. Their family born in Orleans County include:

Accompanying this family were George’s brother Thomas, two sisters Frances and Mary Ann and their spouses:

Thomas 136 and Sarah Wilson

Thomas 136 (1812-?) He married Sarah 335 Wilson (1829-?) at East Ruston in 1851. Although the couple were at Ridgeway in 1855, by 1870 they had moved west to Huron County, Michigan, where Thomas was a farmer enjoying real property worth $5200 and personal property worth $1200 – a considerable amount of wealth at that time. Their children were:

Ridgeway, Orleans County, New York, USA (John 106 family)

Elizabeth Frances 135 and Mary Ann 137

Elizabeth Frances 135 (1814-?) She married William Gray (1818-?) at Worstead in 1836.

Mary Ann 137 (1817-87) She married Martin Pratt (1817-70) at East Ruston in 1851.

(Thanks to Ian Gotts of Kings Lynn and Ernest Gotts for this)

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