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Gotts Surname Family History


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James & Maria 3224 Mills

James & Sarah 2443 Hailes

James 324

James married his first wife Maria 3224 Mills in 1869 in Stockton, Durham, and moved to Middlesbrough district, North Ormesby, where the family are in the 1881 census. James is noted as a widower, with some of his children at home. In the 1901 census, James is living with Sarah, believed to be Sarah Hailes, whom he married in 1882 in Middlesbrough district.

What is odd, is that there is a Charlotte Gotts living with her mother Juliet Green in 1891 in Norwich, with three children born in North Ormesby, one being Emma A who is the same age and name as the Emma A living with James and Sarah in 1901 in N Ormesby! Both Charlotte and James can't be widow(er)s unless there were two Jameses.

Also, without all the certificates, there is some doubt over who is the mother of all the children. They are listed here with the last known view of which marriage they resulted from.

Most of the families lived around Middlesbrough

Albert Edward in WW1

038 - 6 Henry 323 and James 324 Gotts

Henry 323 and Emily Jane 911 Stoliday

Henry 323 married Emily Jane 911 Stoliday (date not yet known) and had several children in the Middlesbrough/N Ormesby area. Children include:

Thurza Gotts and her husband David Thomas

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