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Gotts Surname Family History


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Norfolk: Lakenham, Norwich  

Kent: Bromley

London: Greenwich, Lewisham

Bengal, India

Charles 3828 Gotts was born about 1750 and married Sarah Dunn in 1771 in Thorpe Episcopi. They had several children, including William who married in Bengal. We are looking for birth details of Charles. See #24 now.


Norfolk: Ranworth

Middlesex: Brentford

John 574 Gotts was born in Wroxham in about 1730. He married Mary 575 Clements at Ranworth in 1764.It looks as though John and Mary hit hard times and were moved by the Poor Law from Wroxham to Salhouse not long after their marriage in 1765. Where were they from? Their family were around Brentford and Ealing



Felbrigg, Roughton

John Gotts and Margaret Lawrence had eight children in Roughton from 1657 to 1674. John died in Felbrigg in 1694.  See tree #24 now


Norfolk: Swaffham, Castle Acre

Yorks: Guisborough

USA: Michigan

Robert 2116 was born in 1814 in Castleacre, and his father is thought to be 'Houlding' or Holding' Gotts. He married Susan Gowers in 1849, whose father was William Padgett. Their children were born in Swaffham. We can’t find Houlding Gotts, or see any connection to a contemporary Castleacre tree (121)


Norfolk: Methwold, Euston, Northwold

Lancs: Bolton

Middlesex: Edmonton

USA: Michigan

George 1944 Gotts is the earliest Methwold Gotts. He was bp in 1775, at Euston, near Thetford, and married Ann 1945 Clarke in 1795 in Methwold. Who were his parents?


Ridgeway, New York State

Samuel Gotts was born in 1833 in England, his father was called George. Samuel emigrated to Ridgeway, New York State and married Martha Preston though we don’t know when. We are seeking who George is, where he was born and details of his father George and his mother. (No web page, only 20 people in tree)


Norfolk: Hindolveston, Reepham

London: St Pancras, Mile End, Camberwell, Stepney

Monmouth: Newport Kent: Bromley

Canada: Toronto

Thomas 4324 born c 1755 married Susanna Balls in Hindolveston. Possibly from Hackford originally

George 2537 born in Reepham, Norfolk in 1811 who married Caroline and moved to St Pancras as a house and sign painter.

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