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Gotts Surname Family History


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Norfolk: Hindolveston, Reepham

London: St Pancras, Mile End, Camberwell, Stepney

Monmouth: Newport Kent: Bromley

Canada: Toronto

Thomas 4324 born c 1755 married Susanna Balls in Hindolveston. Possibly from Hackford originally

George 2537 born in Reepham, Norfolk in 1811 who married Caroline and moved to St Pancras as a house and sign painter.


Essex: Upminster, Romford

Kent: Chatham, Sheppey

London: Hackney, Stepney, West Ham

Jonathan Gotts was born c1770, and married Mary Keys in Cranham in 1792. Their children were born in Upminster. Where is Jonathan from?


Norwich, Heigham

George Gotts was a whitesmith and married Mary Newman in 1818 in Heigham, Norwich. Their son Samuel married Mary Ann Piggin, which for a while was confused with tree #038, however we cannot verify any link. Where was George from? (no webpage, one family)


Norfolk: Barton Turf, Ingworth, Trunch Erpingham, Smallburgh

Nathaniel Gotts was born about 1678 in Ingworth, and married Elizabeth Fox in 1699 in Trunch. We believe their children include John b 1701, one of whose children was Nathaniel b 1742 around Ingworth. Where did Nathaniel come from and were there any Gotts lines after three generations?


London: Dalston

Hants: Portsmouth

John Gotts was born in Dalston in 1875 and married Lulu Dowdell in 1900 in Hampstead. They are both in Portsmouth in the 1911 census where he was an officers mess worker. Where is John from? (no webpage)


Norfolk: Castle Acre, Swaffham

Samuel Gotts was born about 1766, and married Ann Whitby in Castle Acre in 1792. They raised their family there, some of whom settled nearby in Swaffham. Where is Samuel from, and are they connected to tree #097 who were based in Swaffham? Is there connection to Robert in that family who was born in Castle Acre?


Norfolk: Norwich

George Gotts b 1759 married Sarah Barnes Frances Gorham in Norwich. This is possibly George 3355 in tree #022

Known Gotts Families - 4

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