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Nicholas 837 Gottes’ signature in 1572

Louisa Foroughi has found a document in the manorial records in the British Library which contains the signature of Nicholas 837, son of Robert and Elizabeth Hunt in tree #036.

The document is here, with Louisa’s explanation and transcription of it below:

This image shows Nicholas Gottes's signature in his own hand, together with the marks and signatures of some of his neighbours. They signed as witnesses to a valuation of the grains stored in barn of the parsonage of Great Ryburgh made on October 3, 1572. This valuation was produced for Thomas Buttes (d. 1593), the manorial lord of Great Ryburgh, and survives in a collection of his manorial records, BL Additional MS 39221.

It reads:
Summa totalis 12L 4d

William Kinges marck; Augustyne Reeves marck; John Fox[er?] his marck

Nycholas Gottes; Thomas Browne

John Cattons marck; Richard Gardyners marck; Robert Peers his marck

Wytnessys also of these doynges: John hewett clearke; John heth clarke

According to Louisa, the long tail at the end of Gottes is a shortform for ‘es’ so that instead of the obvious reading of it as ‘Gotte’, it is really ‘Gottes’. This may explain the many transcriptions of the name around this time which have been recorded at ‘Gotte’.

Thanks to Louisa for this

Tudor Gottses in Norfolk - 4

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