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Gotts Surname Family History


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1850-1900 and onwards

Many places in Norfolk have Gotts families:

Aylsham, Gresham, North Walsham,

South Repps, South Acre, Bacton, South Creake, Methwold, Thetford.

1850-60 -Various Gottses moved to Hartlepool, Hull, Durham and Northumberland:(#022, #040)

1850+ John Gotts married Louisa of Aylsham and moved to Thirsk, in Yorkshire(#089)

1855-Peter James Gotts born in Brentford (#92)

1886- Part of Bacton family moved to Beckenham, Kent (#034)

Gottses emigrating to Australia, Canada, USA

1878- Robert Gotts married Georgina Elliston & emigrated to NSW- Son Francis born on the ship (#022)

1908- Ernest Albert of Bacton tree emigrated to USA via Ontario (#034)

How the name Gotts has spread - 3

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