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Gottses who appear in print - 4

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Finite element analysis of dynamic linear viscoelastic materials

PhD Thesis by Anthony C Gotts
Coventry University, 2002.

Applied mathematics; Mathematics; Physics; Quasi static viscoelasticity; Laplace transform; Discrete Fourier transform; Perfine; Rotating disks; Applied mathematics; Pure mathematics; Theoretical physics

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"Opening the doors of impossibility" : an examination of futurism in England 1910-1923 through the art of C.R.W. Nevinson and David Bomberg

PhD Thesis by Doris O. Gotts
East Anglia University,  2006.


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Theses referenced in British Library catalogue:

The quest for selfhood : The novels and short stories of John Fowles

PhD Thesis by I Gotts
University of Aberdeen, 1984

Tree: 40

Co-expression of GAD67 and choline acetyltransferase in neurones in the mouse spinal cord and medulla oblongata

Thesis by Jittima Gotts
University of Leeds, 2015.

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Unplanned wayfinding in path-networks : A theoretical study of human problem solving.

PhD Thesis by NM Gotts
University of Sussex, 1988

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The influence of charge and structure on cluster fragmentation.The influence of charge and structure on cluster fragmentation

Thesis by Nigel G. Gotts
University of Sussex, 1991

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The role of sleep in chronic fatigue syndrome.The role of sleep in chronic fatigue syndrome

PhD Thesis by Zoe Gotts
Northumbria University, 2014

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