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Gotts Surname Family History


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Are Gotts families connected?

We have one result from tree 040 William 193  b c 1725 (Hevingham, Stratton Strawless)

We have two results from tree 022 John 3302 b 1724,(Barningham Town, South Repps), which are a very close match.

These results do not match tree #040, so it appears that tree 022 and 040 have less than 20% chance of having a common ancestor after 1400 AD.


With only two results which do not match, we can see that the two trees are unlikely to have a common ancestor, assuming direct male lineage exists a long way back.

Are GOTTS and GOTT families connected?

Do both GOTT and GOTTS come from the same root around the Wash in Norfolk?

To help answer this I have invited members who have the surname GOTT. So far, we have several participants which do not match the known Gottses DNA.


These GOTT results do not match any GOTTS results, so the families tested so far do not have a common ancestor. These are early days, but either GOTT ancestors didn't come in through the Wash and migrate north as I had suggested

or maybe the names do not originate from a common root, ie one person called Gott/Gotts

There may be several migration routes into England for both families. I know there were GOTT families in Yorkshire, Lincoln, Essex and London in 1600 (as well as Gottses). whether they are connected still has to be determined either way, so it is too early to be conclusive!

For more information on the derivation of the name see this discussion: Page: About the name

Autosomal DNA (atDNA)

There is also an atDNA (Family Finder) project within FTDNA as well, as  this is another line of research.

Ancestry results can be added for a small cost. Anyone interested in doing this should contact me.

Y-DNA - 3 Results so far

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