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Gotts Surname Family History


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Sept 2012 - Ancestry Land Tax records

In the 1798 Land Return, a Mark Gotts was a tenant in Childerditch, just north Bulphan on the other side of the A127.

Also a Mark Gotts was in Slough House, Bulphan, which was owned by a Miss Russell, and also a house called Judds.

By 1873, there were several entries around Bulphan:

The executors of a Gotts had 12 acres

Jesse N Gotts had 64 acres

Sarah Gotts (most likely widow of Mark senior) had 364 acres

Mark at Horndon on the Hill had 143 acres.

These are significant holdings though the rental value of the land at Bulphan has been rated more per acre than the land in Horndon.

079 - Bulphan Research Notes

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