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Stanley Herbert 511 #022

Stanley Herbert 511 POW

5th Battalion Royal Norfolk Regiment  Service Number 5775032

Nick Gotts confirms that Stanley is his uncle, and from Nick’s father learned that Stanley was captured by the Japanese and died, probably because of dysentery.

Stanley was born in 1921 to Matthew 489 and Elizabeth Myhill. He is recorded as a Prisoner of War in Singapore, and is buried in Kranji cemetery there.

He would have been part of the 4,5,6th Territorial Battalions in the 18th Division defending Singapore against the Japanese invasion. The Japanese invaded Singapore itself from 9th Feb 1942, and the British surrendered in 15th Feb. Stanley was part of 50,000 British troops made prisoners of war. 3000 civilians were held in Changi Prison which was designed to hold 600 in the Garrison, and 50,000 troops were held in the British Selarang Barracks, built for 800 men. Stanley died 8 days later.

Another Gotts was also captured and survived until 1945 when he was repatriated. Whether he stayed in Seralang Barracks or was shipped to other projects such as the Burma railway we don’t yet know.

Kranji war cemetery

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