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Gotts Family History


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Samuel 752 Gotts

Samuel 752 married Anne Elizabeth Johnstone nee Armstrong in 1889. Their family was in Gateshead until at least 1911, then many emigrated to Adelaide. (Photo at right is them at their Plympton home in S Australia.

They had 10 children including:

040-15 Samuel 752 in Australia

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Descendents include Tracy Zilm

Thanks to Andrew and Tracy Zilm for details of this branch of the tree and the photos.

Samuel 1366 a football player for Glenelg 1921

William Armstrong, also a football player for Glenelg, and a news item about him. Hover over the news item to read it

Portrait during WW2

From the left: Thorold (Tom), Hazel Mildred nee Rice, at back is Wanda Mattie, at front is Rodney Alywne,  then Samuel 1366  and at the right is Nancy.

(Thanks to Tracie Bettio nee Gotts for the names).

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