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040-14 Alfred Isaiah 1207 in Australia

Alfred Isaiah 1207

Alfred 1207 emigrated to Geelong, near Melbourne, and married Margaret Josephine 1210 Riley in 1872. They had 12 children, including:

Roy Stanley Gotts

Alfred Isaiah 1207 Gotts

Kevin Stanley says: “My grandfather Roy told a story of how (Roy) jumped ship in 1914 and joined the army. We know he applied to leave the merchant navy to join the army, so I believe his story could actually be his father (Alfred) instead. Maybe on a trip to Australia he has jumped ship and never returned to England, I have searched for deserters from the British navy and their are no Gottses there, so he was probably an ordinary seaman.

I think the photo was taken when he received the Victorian volunteer's medal. You needed 15 years service to obtain the medal.”

With thanks to Kevin Stanley

Eric John 1226

Eric John 1226 had children by four women, and some descendents settled back in Liverpool. He also appears in the Ellis Island records on a ship plying between USA and Belfast in 1924

William Alfred 1216

William Alfred 1216 married Amy Elizabeth Sadgrove, and there are descendents in Auckland. He also changed his name to Gray, married Jessie 1218 Parkyn

Descendents include Glenys Pahl

Roy Stanley Gotts 1220

Roy Stanley Gotts 1220 dropped the Gotts and started the Stanley family. He  married Christine Morgan in 1911 in Geelong, Aus, and later Lilian Drage.

Kevin Stanley is descended from this family.

David Rex Elmo 1224

David Rex  married Rubina Lillian 1225 Hitchman in 1919 in Geelong, Aus and raised a family there.

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