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Samuel  466 continued - 2

The Tasmania Convict record gives us a description of Samuel:

Forehead:   W..ot(?)

Eyebrows:   Dark brown

Eyes:          Grey

Nose:          Long

Mouth:        Medium

Chin:          Medium

Native Place  Norfolk

Trade:          Labour

Height:         5’ 5 ”

Age:             19

Complexion: Fair

Hair:            Brown

Whiskers:     None

Visage:         Oval

We also have a record in the Hobart Times of him absconding:

“Tuesday November 19, 1844.

From Victoria Valley Probate Station on 27th inst (presumably issued in October):

This shows Samuel’s prison number, and confirms the ship he was transported on, the Marion. I am not sure what the word Watson is, possibly the captain?. It also confirms the details of his conviction.

We know he was recaptured, served his time and was released, but we have no information about what happened to him after that.

Nearly 200,000 convicts were transported to Australia between 1788 and 1853., of which 70,000 went to Tasmania. It is estimated that 4 out of 5 Tasmanians have convict blood.

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