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Gotts Family History


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Mark and Emma Housden

083-3 Mark and Emma Housden

Mark 1041 and Emma 1045 Housden

Mark 1041 married Emma Housden in 1855 in Bethnal Green. Emma was born in Saffron Walden, Essex, and was presumably Charlotte's sister. The family lived in Mile End Old Town, where Mark and his sons were carmen.

Edward 1063 and Adelaide

Edward 1063 and Adelaide (surname unknown) lived in Silver Street then Gold Street in Mile End Old Town. She was born in 1864 in Mile End and died in 1929. Edward died in 1908. Their children were:

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Alfred 1666 took part in a recording of Edwardian life which now resides in the British Library audio section. He recalls living in Silver St & Gold St, but doesn't mention many names of his family! By inference we know that his father serviced the night mail coach off to Colchester.

Frederick John was a collier, then was chauffeur for General Haig during the war, following which he opened a garage in Wales.

Edward was sent to an Industrial school in Manchester for playing truant, which we can see in the 1901 census. He married and settled  there.

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