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Some changes to the website

11 April 2018

Some features of the website are being withdrawn by Serif, the web package developer, so these are being replaced over the next few months. They should not make too much of an impact.  They are:

Longer term there will be some more work to do to make the website more readable on smartphones, but this is some way off. At present I believe it is readable on phones in landscape mode, but I am looking to make it more flexible.

I will keep you posted on any changes and hope that you will continue to enjoy the website!

NEWS - more detail

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Alfred 3267 (#108)

20 Feb 2018

Alfred was captured in Tobruk and made POW in Germany. Read his story provided by his daughter.


Gresham children in 1870s school book (#009)

12 Jan 2018

Read about school life and the sad story of the children of Alfred 277 and Maria Howlett


George Richard 2452 Updated (#108)

20 Feb 2018

More detail has been added on George Richard 2452 about his WW1 army career. We also have a photo of him in the news archive.

See 2018 News (click here) or his details (click here) There is more to be added on George later.


James Atkinson 414 Gotts Army service (#040)

13 Feb 2018

My father’s army service in WW2 has been added showing his time in RAMC: training, following up on D-Day and then in Norway after surrender was declared.