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Gotts Surname Family History


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Leighfields, Rufford, Nottinghamshire

In 1881 Sarah has moved to her sister Mary’s and her husband Charles Ducker. |George Herbert is boarding in York. In 1885 Mary dies, and 1891 shows Sarah as a visitor still at Rufford, with her sister Elizabeth Payne from Marske. George Herbert is boarding at Tuxford Grammar School 10 miles down the road.

Family of James 109 (the miller of Dilham)

040 - 7-1 Sarah Maria 132 Gotts and her family

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1871 Richmond Yorkshire

 In 1861 Sarah is 17 and still at home. In 1871 she has followed her sisters north to Richmond, Yorkshire for work. She is a Domestic Servant to Ann Ryder from Dilham, Norfolk.

Her sister Mary (1141) married a gamekeeper James Harris Ducker and was living at East Hauxwell, about 10 miles away.

Her other sister Elizabeth (131) had married George Payne, also a gamekeeper and was living at Marske, only 6 miles away. Sarah gave birth to a boy George Herbert (3403) Gotts at Marske-next-the-sea, near Guisborough in 1876.

1901 Skelton, Yorkshire

By 1901 Charles Ducker has died, so Sarah and son George move on to live with another sibling: the widow of her brother James (130) Gotts at Skelton, near York. Jessie is the head, and putting a roof over the head of her son James (1158), her son-in-law Leonard Miles (now a widower) and his two children, as well as Sarah and George.