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History of the name - Gott

The name GOTT

The name GOTTS is often mistranscribed as GOTT, and it has been suggested that they are related by FanUK. Here is the history of the GOTT name.

There appear to be two or three areas where the surname GOTT originates. One area is in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, which is just over the Norfolk border around the Wash. It is possible that these GOTTs are linked to the Norfolk GOTTSes, all of whom may have arrived through earlier invasion/settling of AngloSaxons from Europe or Danes/Vikings. When you examine the 1400-1600 records, the use of an ‘s’ varies widely. I have seen one lease in 1633 for “Thomas Gotte of Grays Inn” where twice the name has an ‘s’, and twice without it. It appears that this Thomas is a GOTTES when checking the families, and this is far from an isolated case.


Separately there are early GOTTs in Yorkshire (pre 1600), and again these could be through the Danes & Viking invasions. I am not aware of any direct link between Yorkshire and Norfolk GOTTs.

Lastly, there is a prominent family in London and Sussex, originating from a Peter Gott in Therfield, Hertfordshire. His son Samuel moved to London, and Samuel’s son and grandson both became Members of Parliament, whose families owned a significant ironworks in Sussex as well as trading in Amsterdam and Leghorn. After the male heirs died out, the name and fortune was passed to a ‘kinsman’ Henry Thomas Greening who had been landscape gardener to the King, and eventually became Sir Henry Thomas Gott. The origins of this family stops at Peter at Therfield at present.

The main concentrations of the names in UK are shown below:

Other sources

When you look at the Ellis Island records for New York, there are a number of Gotz from Germany included under Gotts, so in the US there is more scope for Gottses to be of Germanic origin.


There is a rumour of Gottses coming from Germany, and a marriage to a German princess, but I have found no evidence of it yet. (Feel free to send any if you have it!)




Yorkshire,especially Leeds/Calverley

East coast of Yorkshire





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