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This website is about the family history for the surname GOTTS, which originated in Norfolk in the 1300's.

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Ian Gotts (St Albans)

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About the website
This website is provided by Ian Gotts of St Albans. I have registered the name in the UK's Guild of One Name Studies, and have many records. Any reference numbers attached to names belong to my index of 3500 Gottses who are connected to trees.
My Privacy policy is not to include the names of living people without their consent. Therefore, the trees that are described show the families prior to 1900, with limited information about people born after that date. Any other information is only included when I have confirmed that this is acceptable from the person who provided it.
I have family trees and birth, marriage, death information which include living people, and I am willing to share these with people who give me their credentials. Please contact me directly for further information.
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